New Poll: Senator Gardner Losing Colorado Independent Voters as Majority of Voters Oppose Wall and Blame Shutdown on Republicans

If Elections Were Held Today, Majority of Colorado Voters Would Opt for Senator Gardner’s Unnamed Democratic Opponent

Washington, DC – New polling from Public Policy Polling (PPP), commissioned by MoveOn and the Immigration Hub, shows that Colorado voters overwhelmingly oppose President Trump and congressional Republicans’ government shutdown and calls for the wall. In fact, the shutdown is hurting Senator Cory Gardner’s 2020 chances among critical Colorado voters.

With over 15,000 federal employees in Colorado are furloughed or working without pay, the majority of Colorado voters polled - including 62% of Independents - want Congress to vote to re-open the government without any funding for the wall. Other topline findings include

  • 54% of Colorado voters surveyed including 64% of Independents, blame Trump and Republicans in Congress the most for the government shutdown.

  • 58% of Coloradans, including 69% of Independent voters, disagree with President Trump that the government should be kept closed until he gets funding for the wall.

  • 56% of Colorado voters, including 66% of Independents, oppose President Trump’s demand that Congress spend billions in taxpayer dollars to build a wall along the southern border.

  • 61% of Independents - and almost of half of Colorado voters surveyed - are less likely to support Senator Gardner in his next election because of his support for President Trump’s plan to keep the government closed if he doesn’t get funding for a border wall.

  • In fact, if elections were held today, 47% of Colorado voters surveyed would vote for the Democratic opponent instead of Senator Gardner.

You can see the full polling memo here.

“The 2018 elections clearly showed that Trump’s immigration fear-mongering backfired -- Mike Coffman’s defeat was proof,” said Tyler Moran from the Immigration Hub. “Now Trump has backed himself into a corner with a shutdown that polling shows he and Republicans are overwhelmingly blamed for. If Senator Gardner doesn’t move his colleagues past the tantrum and against a wall no one wants, 2020 results are going to look a lot like 2018.”

“Voters in Colorado, like voters across the country, reject Donald Trump’s wall and want the government to re-open immediately,” said Emma Einhorn from MoveOn. “This poll should be a clear sign to Senator Gardner that if he continues to walk the plank for Donald Trump and his deeply unpopular policies, he puts his re-election at risk. The message is clear: re-open the government now without funding the wall and end this outrageous exercise.”